Episode 31

Published on:

16th Feb 2024

Connecting the levels with Cliff Hazell

One month before the Agile Mammoths Games, we had the pleasure of recording our first English episode of the podcast. The reason was pretty cool: we traded our Romanian humor on which we are so attached with the pleasure of talking with Cliff Hazell. Cliff is a well-known Agile consultant, former Spotify rockstar, and co-founder of Flight Levels Academy.

He will be a keynote speaker at Agile Mammoths Games on 28 March and will host a very insightful one-day workshop on the second day of the conference and he accepted our invitation as a guest for our Retrospective Agile podcast. During the discussion, we challenged Cliff to dive into how agile the mammoths (big companies) can be, and the discussion glided in many interesting directions: one of the big questions is not “if” the mammoths are agile but “where” are they agile.

We walked around strategy and execution and what ties them. The digestion of learnings from what we deliver was challenged and if there is empathy in each other’s responsibilities when focusing on bringing value to customers. We enjoyed this episode and Cliff’s charisma, humbleness, and knowledgeability and we encourage you to listen and as usual, comment on the podcast’s Facebook page.

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Retrospective Agile
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Dan Suciu și Bogdan Mureșan, practicanți Agile de mai bine de 15 ani și cu o experiență variată în training, consultanță și coaching Agile, dezbat diverse teme legate de agilitate într-o manieră relaxată și informală. Vor avea alături de ei persoane cu experiență în instruire, consultanță, coaching sau transformări Agile.

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Bogdan Mureșan este Vice President Of Technology la Connatix, Cluj-Napoca și senior agile strategist la Colors in Projects.